Schick® Intuition® Sensitive Care® Refills

Schick® Intuition® Sensitive Care® refills are hypoallergenic, and pamper your sensitive skin. The formula moisturizes during shaving and there’s no need to use shave gel. It simplifies your shave and cares for your skin.

It also features a 4-blade pivoting head to glide smoothly along the contours of your legs and body. Available in 3, 6 count.

Other Intuition® refills available in 3, 6 count:

  • Renewing Moisture® enriched with pomegranate extract.
  • Pure Nourishment® infused with coconut milk and almond oil.
  • Schick® Intuition® Revitalizing Moisture Refills

About Schick® Intuition® Sensitive Care® Refills

Lather and Shave in One Easy Step

Schick® Intuition® razors allow you to lather and shave in one easy step. When you start shaving, the skin moisturizing solid reacts with water and melts just enough to create a light foam. Without the need for a separate shave gel, soap, or body wash, you'll save time while simultaneously moisturizing during shaving.

Moisturizing Solid with Aloe and Vitamin E

Schick® Intuition® Sensitive Care® refills are hypoallergenic contain natural aloe and vitamin E, and moisturize during shaving.

Contoured Cartridge with 4-Blade Pivoting Head

Designed specifically for a woman's body, the curves of each cartridge follow your natural shape. Its pivoting head provides great flexibility and can glide into hard-to-reach areas. The 4-blade design offers multiple points of contact between blade and skin for an effortless way to achieve an incredibly close shave . For added convenience, you'll know it's time to replace the cartridge when you see or feel any part of the green base beneath the moisturizing solid.

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