The shave is close. The competition—not so much.


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The Hydro®
Schick Hydro 5 razor Dollar Shave Club razor

Hydro® 5

Dollar Shave Club®

Skin Guards on Every Blade to Reduce Irritation
7 Deep Gel Reservoirs Hydrate While you Shave
Blades Honed and Crafted in the USA
Shock Absorb Technology for Optimal Pressure
Transforms into a 5 Blade Trimmer with a Simple Flick
100 Years of Innovation Behind Every Shave

If there’s one thing we’ve learned through our 100+ years of innovation, it’s the value of a clean, close, comfortable shave. And when it comes to helping you look and feel your best, you can count on Hydro® 5.

Proudly crafted and honed in the US, our 5 Ultra Glide® blades each have Skin Guards which act as an extra layer of protection so you can get a close shave without irritation. Plus, seven auto-replenishing deep gel reservoirs leave your skin feeling hydrated and smooth. Worried about hard to reach places? With a simple flick, our razors transform into a five-blade precision trimmer so you can achieve your perfect style with ease. Our handle is also made with unique Shock Absorb technology which works with you as you shave to ensure optimal pressure is applied with every stroke, customizing your shave for you.

Experience the difference for yourself—and get the shave you deserve.