Hydro® Slim Head Sensitive Refill


Never miss a spot.

Every guy has those tricky areas like the neck, sideburns and under the nose. With Hydro Slim Head Sensitive Refills on hand, you can shave those places with ease. They’re also great for sensitive skin.

Includes 5 cartridges

Narrow Cartridge

Easily shave those hard-to reach places most other razors just can’t get to.

Extra Protection

Dermatologist-tested and has Skin Guards on all 3 blades for a close shave that protects your skin from irritation.

Smooth and Comfortable

7 gel pools enriched with aloe and Pro-Vitamin B5 soothe & hydrate skin for maximum comfort.

“When you look at my broad shoulders, you think I’m a linebacker. But no, I’m a softie.”

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