Schick Shave Cream


Put your best face forward.

It takes more than just a great razor for a great shave. Our non-foaming shave cream is the perfect complement to your Schick razor. It moisturizes and protects you from razor bumps, and soothes and comforts your skin while shaving.

Gentle on Skin

Made with skin calming ingredients to help keep skin soothed for a smooth, comfortable shave.

Razor Bump Fighting

Made with calming Green Tea and Aloe to protect sensitive skin against razor bumps and irritation.

No Foam Necessary

This paraben free, non-foaming formula conditions your skin while you shave.

Step 1

Apply shave cream onto wet skin in a circular motion and shave as normal, rinsing the razor blades with water periodically.

“My advice is be gentle with yourself. Don’t rush!”

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