Silk Effects® Plus Refills


Let Your Guard Down—We’ve Got This

Our 2-blade Silk Effects™® Plus razor features microfine wires that optimize contact with your skin while guarding against nicks and irritation, so you get a smooth, comfortable shave.

Smooth & Comfortable

Protective micro-fine wire guards allow the blades to glide smoothly across your skin while helping to prevent nicks and irritation.

Includes 5 refills

The easy-to-replace 2-blade cartridges feature microfine wires to guard against nicks and irritation.

The secret’s in the glide

C’mon now, you deserve it. Our special conditioning strip formulated with aloe and Vitamin E enhances razor glide.

Perfect pairings

For optimal results, try pairing the Silk Effects™ Plus razor with Skintimate® Shave Gels and Creams.