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    Shaving the way forward

    Since Colonel Jacob Schick created the dry shaver at base camp so many years ago, we've been challenging ourselves to make shaving better, smarter and more personalized. Our razors go beyond just removing hair and actually care for your skin. But don't take our word for it, see for yourself.

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A history of shave firsts


Star safety razor

The first ever “safety” razor is manufactured


‘Pall Mall’ safety razor

Introduced by Wilkinson Sword, now part of Schick


Refillable razor

Invented by Jacob Schick and inspired by the magazine rifle


Stainless steel blades

For a quality, long-lasting shave


Shave gel

Edge® Shave Gel for a smooth shave on skin


Lubrication strips

Aids with razor glide and minimizes irritation


Wire-wrapped blades

Adds a layer of protection between the razor and your skin


4-blade razor

Quattro® first commercialized the 4-blade refill cartridge

Two-in-one razor

Intuition® lathers and shaves in one step


Shaving razor and trimmer

Quattro® Titanium Trimmer can both shave and trim


Hydrating gel pools

Hydro® hydrates throughout each shave


Bi-directional blades

Intuition® f.a.b.® safely shaves forwards and backwards

Behind the shave

Passionate about innovation

"Our passion is not just conveyed in our products and services, it’s demonstrated in our team’s dedication to the innovation process of delivering a memorable consumer experience!"

- Bill Salvatore, Director of Research, Edgewell Personal Care