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Hello beautiful

Your best lies within

Our mission is to remove barriers that prevent the best from shining through by offering you solutions so you can bare your best. We started with a product - a dermaplaning wand. Why? Because we know blades and we know skin. This is the result of decades of testing and expertise that comes with a big company. For the first time, our Company decided to experiment and they gave a small team the freedom to create this brand and product outside the confines of the larger company. How cool is that? So we built a brand for today’s women - without baggage or previous notions of what women should be. Women shouldn’t need to hide behind anything-and that’s what Bare by Schick is all about. The best lies within, so bare your best.

Bare by Schick Dermaplaning Wand

Smoother, glowing skin and no downtime

Is this wand magical? Pssshhh, of course not! But it helps reveal what already lies within. The Bare by Schick™ Dermaplaning Wand removes dead skin and fine vellus hairs. It allows makeup to go on smoother and enhances the penetration of skincare products. It’s a professional technique you can now do at home, and then go about your day for a fraction of the price you could spend at a salon.

Using the wand

It’s easier than you think

1. Start with clean, dry skin.
2. Keep the surface flat against your skin at all times to ensure proper angle. To help minimize chance of nicks or cuts, make sure your skin is pulled taut. Avoid the eye and nose area and skin irregularities. It is recommended you start with a light touch to get comfortable with how to use the wand. Use short strokes.
3. Apply sunscreen, moisturizer or other skincare products as you wish.
4. Repeat at most every 3 weeks. Bare your best.

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