Hydro 5 Sense® Hydrate Refills

Blade Refill: Can't decide?
Size: 4 ct
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About the shave

This razor gets up close and personal

The Hydro 5 Sense® performs as if we made it just for you. This state-of-the-art razor is so personalized that it literally shaves your face differently than anyone else’s. Each refill is equipped with 5 Ultra Glide® blades with skin guards and 7 hydrating gel pools that hydrate throughout each shave. It’s available in 3 unique lubricating formula options for a completely customized shave.

  • Shaves every face differently
  • Gets super close and helps protect skin from irritation
  • Pairs with Edge® Shave Gels or Creams for optimal results
  • Blades crafted and honed in the USA
Types of blade refills:
  • Hydrate

    Hydro 5 Sense® Hydrate Refills, with coconut oil, hydrate throughout each shave.

    Good for:

    Normal Skin

  • Energize

    Hydro 5 Sense® Energize Refills, with menthol, wake up tired-looking skin.

    Good for:

    Normal Skin

  • Sensitive

    Hydro 5 Sense® Sensitive Refills, with herbal extract, help comfort sensitive skin.

    Good for:

    Sensitive Skin