Hydro Connect® 5 Energize Refills

Blade Refill: Can't decide?
Size: 4 ct
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About the shave

Hydro Connect® 5 Refills fit Fusion®† handles*

These refills feature 5 Ultra Glide® blades, 7 hydrating gel pools that hydrate throughout each shave and they come in 3 unique lubricating formulas to choose from. That’s what we call personalized shaving.

  • Shaves every face differently
  • Super close shave
  • Lubricating gel to help reduce irritation
  • Flip-back trimmer for precision trimming
  • More affordable blade refills**
  • Available in three unique formulas
Hydro Connect® is not manufactured or distributed by The Gillette Company LLC, owner of the registered trademarks Fusion®, Mach3®, and Gillette® on Demand™.
* Hydro Connect® Refills are not compatible with Hydro® handles.
**Based on non-promotional cost of 4 refills: Hydro Connect® 3 ($8.49) vs. Mach3® ($10) or Hydro Connect® 5 ($12.99) vs. Fusion® ProShield® ($20) on Gillette® On Demand™.
Types of blade refills:
  • Energize

    Hydro Connect® 5 Energize Refills, with menthols, wake up tired-looking skin

    Good for:

    Normal Skin

  • Hydrate

    Hydro Connect® 5 Hydrate Refills, with coconut oil, hydrate throughout each shave.

    Good for:

    Normal Skin

  • Sensitive

    Hydro Connect® 5 Sensitive Refills, with herbal extracts, help comfort sensitive skin

    Good for:

    Sensitive Skin