Schick Hydro® Razor and Shave Cream Set

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About the shave

Helps comfort your skin as you shave

Shave away that November growth or transform it into just the style you’re looking for with this convenient Razor and Shave Cream set from Hydro.

Our state-of-the-art Hydro 5 Sense® razor has a flip back trimmer to perfect your style and reach those hard-to-get places (like under the nose) with precision trimming. Each refill is equipped with 5 Ultra Glide® blades with skin guards and 7 hydrating gel pools that hydrate throughout each shave.

Comfort your skin as you shave with Hydro Sense® Comfort Shave Cream. This non-foaming shave cream is formulated with Vitamin E to help protect sensitive skin from irritation while shaving, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth.

    Hydro 5 Sense® Sensitive Razor:
  • Shaves every face differently
  • Flip back trimmer to perfect your style
  • Gets super close and helps protect skin from irritation
  • Pairs with Edge® Shave Gels or Creams for optimal results
  • Available in 5 different colored handles
  • Blades crafted and honed in the USA
  • Hydro Sense® Comfort Shave Cream:
  • Non-foaming formula
  • A thin layer is all you need
  • Free from added dyes
  • Comforts skin as you shave
  • Formulated with Vitamin E
  • Available in 6oz