What's the difference in Shave Plans?

June 28, 2018
There are a lot of shave plans out there, but as you know, there is no one shave fits all. So, we compared the shave plans from Schick®, Gillette® On Demand™, Harry’s®, Dollar Shave Club® and Billie® to help you decide which one works best for you. 

*Before we get started, we’d like to remind folks Schick is not affiliated with Gillette® On Demand, Harry’s®, Dollar Shave Club® or Billie®. 

Schick (yes, that’s us)
Schick allows you to choose a plan that’s personalized for your skin and how you shave. When starting your shave plan, you get your choice of a handle, refill blade and a sample of shaving cream. Then, based on your choice of delivery frequency and additional product, more refills and shaving cream (should you choose to purchase) will arrive at your door. Hydro 5 Sense® for men offers 3 types of refill varieties and 3 handle colors to choose from. And women can choose between the Hydro Silk®, Intuition® f.a.b.® and Intuition®, depending on how they want to shave.

Initial Subscription Shipment:  
1 Razor handle, 1 refill and a sample of shaving cream for free just cover $4 shipping.
Replenishment Subscription Shipments:
3 or 4 refills for $13-$17 (depending on the product) per shipment + free shipping. A shaving cream is optional at an additional cost.

Gillette® On Demand™ provides three different shave plans for men to choose from:  Mach3®, Fusion® Proshield™ or Sensor® 3 Disposables. And for added convenience, you can simply send a text to quickly reorder more blade refills. 

Initial Subscription Shipment:
1 handle and 4 blade refills for $7-17 + free shipping. Or 8 disposables for $7 + $2 shipping. 

Replenishment Subscription Shipments:
4 blade refills for $10-20 per shipment + free shipping. Or 8 disposables for $10 + $2 shipping. Every 4th order is free.

Dollar Shave Club®
Dollar Shave Club provides a range of plans to choose from based on your personal care needs. You can try The Shave Starter Set or you can dive right in to sign-up for a razor cartridge subscription. The Shave Starter Set comes with a razor handle, 4 razor cartridges, a 3oz trial size of Shave Butter and flexibility to add a 1st Box add-ons which ship free with the starter set. Future shipments are shipped monthly and include 8 razor cartridges, a 6oz Shave Butter and full sizes of add-ons.  Plus, they have One Wipe Charlies® to manage your business.

Daily Essentials Plan - Initial Subscription Shipment: 
A razor handle, 4 razor cartridges, a sample of shave lather and your choice of grooming products for $5 (includes shipping).

Daily Essentials Plan - Replenishment Subscription Shipments: 
8 razor cartridges per shipment, 1 Shave Butter, 1 body cleanser, 1 pack of wipes for $35.55 + free shipping.   

Refills Shave Plan: Initial Subscription Shipment: 
No starter packs in this plan.

Refill Shave Plans: Replenishment Subscription Shipments: 
The 4X® contains 4 razor cartridges per shipment for $6 + free shipping.
 The Executive® contains 4 razor cartridges per shipment for $9 + free shipping.

Harry’s is known for delivering quality razors from their German factory at a low price. Their men’s shave plan Trial Set starts at $8. The Truman handle comes in 3 colors and they’ll even throw in a bottle of shave gel or a larger Family Pack, depending on the plan you select.

Initial Subscription Shipment:
1 handle, 1 blade refill, a shave gel and a blade cover for $8 + free shipping.

Replenishment Subscription Shipments: 
8 blade refills for $9 per shipment + free shipping. Other plan options include the Shaving Gel Plan for $21 or the Family Plan for $35 per shipment.

Billie embodies a mission to build razors for women kind. They keep it simple by offering one plan with a 5-blade razor cartridge, available in four colors. They also offer shaving creams and body washes as add-ons to any one-time order or subscription. 

Initial Subscription Shipment: 
1 handle, 2 razor cartridges and a magnetic razor holder for $9 + free shipping.

Replenishment Subscription Shipment: 
4 razor cartridges for $9 per shipment + free shipping. Shaving cream is optional. 

So, what’s the difference in Shave Plans? We hope this helped so that you choose the right one for you!

*Schick.com is not affiliated with Gillette® On Demand™, Dollar Shave Club®, Harry’s®, or Billie®. 

Note: The prices listed here are based on every day pricing as featured on these shave sites as of 6/28/18. Terms and conditions apply; see manufacturer’s website for details. Offers subject to change.

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