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The Hairy Truth About Winter Beards

November 13, 2019
For many men, beards have become a popular “winter accessory.” Once the cooler air arrives, some begin letting their whiskers grow. The impetus for these winter beards is the theory that extra hair on your face will shield it from the elements and protect the skin underneath. In reality, this is not the case. With the exception of maybe blocking the wind, beards provide no extra protection for your skin. In fact, they may actually help to dry it out. 

Wet Beard, Dry Skin
If you were wearing a scarf or a jacket that got wet, you’d probably go inside and take it off. And most likely, you wouldn’t go back outside with it on until it had dried. Since beards are attached to your face, any moisture that gets in it will stay in it, potentially drying, cracking and damaging the skin underneath if left outside in the elements too long. 

Don’t Give Dead Skin a Free Ride 
Your skin can get dehydrated in the winter, which can cause it to naturally produces layers of dead cells that need to be removed by exfoliating. Shaving exfoliates your skin, which helps it more directly and efficiently absorb moisturizers. Even shave oils and post-shave balms can't work properly if there are dead skin cells in the way.
Got all that?

Winter-proof Your Skin 
Many of today’s shaving products are focused on moisturization. The Schick Hydro 5 Sense® razor features 7 hydrating gel pools that hydrate throughout each shave, leaving your skin feeling smooth and protected. Edge® shave gels are specially formulated to condition your skin as you shave. When you pair the two together, you can shave, exfoliate, condition and moisturize your skin all at the same time. 

Nighttime is the Right Time 
During the winter, it’s smart to shave at night. Not only will this allow you to properly warm and prep your face for a shave, it also leaves time for your pores to close and your face to cool down afterwards. Not to mention, your skin rehydrates and your skin cells regenerate while you are sleeping. If you shave in the AM, you could be exposing your mug to irritation and dehydration. 


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