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Winter Skin: To shave or not to shave? That is the question.

November 13, 2019
During the summer, most women have to shave nearly every day to keep their legs, under arms and bikini lines on fleek. In the winter months, their shaving frequency takes a major hit, as fewer dresses, skirts, tank tops and bathing suits usually means a more lax approach to shaving. But even if you’re not showing a lot of skin in the winter, that doesn’t mean you should cut back on shaving. In fact, studies have shown that shaving regularly in the winter can actually be quite beneficial for your skin! 

On your mark, get set, exfoliate!  
Besides getting rid of unwanted body hair, shaving exfoliates your skin, which helps it more directly and efficiently absorb moisturizers. It also minimizes resistance. By shaving hair and removing layers of dead skin, shaving reduces friction from body hair rubbing against heavy winter clothes. This can help to prevent chafing and agitating dry skin caused by colder weather. 

Winter-proof your skin
Many of today’s shaving products are built for moisturizing. The Intuition® Razor hydrates and moisturizes your skin while shaving, leaving it feeling smooth, soft and protected. Additionally, the women’s Hydro Silk® 5 razor features a water-activated Hydra-Boost™ serum with shea butter for lasting hydration*, while Skintimate® shave gels are specially formulated to condition and replenish your skin’s natural moisture. So you can shave, exfoliate and moisturize all at the same time. 


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