Intuition® f.a.b.® Razor

Size: 3 ct.
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About the shave

Safely shaves forwards and backwards

The revolutionary Intuition® f.a.b.® safely shaves in both directions for an effortless experience. Its bi-directional blades allow you to shave up and down without even lifting the handle. Its Advanced Moisture Gel provides effortless glide to help the razor move smoothly along your skin.

  • Effortlessly shaves forwards and backwards
  • Top blade shaves up, bottom blade shaves down
  • Advanced Moisture Gel for an effortless glide
  • Pairs with Skintimate® Shave Gels and Creams for a unique shaving experience
  • Step 1:

    Make sure f.a.b. is showing on the handle.

  • Step 2:

    Insert the handle into the razor connector.

  • Step 3:

    Safely shave forward and backward.