Edge® Cedarwood & Shea Butter Shave Gel

3 Pack


The shave gel your face has been pining for.

Introducing Edge Cedarwood and Shea Butter Shave Gel – the latest innovation from the #1 Men’s Shave Gel Brand in the US*. This bold, moisturizing shave gel is specially formulated for manly men who crave a woody, fresh scent and a smooth, effortless glide. It’s made with real Shea Butter and a unique blend of Cedarwood fragrances to kick your shave experience up a few notches. 

Something Fresh

Infused with Shea Butter and the unique scent of Cedarwood.

Smooth and Hydrating

Unique blend of moisturizers and lubricants provides excellent razor glide.

Protects as You Shave

Formulated to protect your skin from irritation.