Advanced skin
comfort, any
way you shave

The next generation of men's grooming is here.

Advanced skin
comfort, any
way you shave

The next generation of men's grooming is here.

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A Shave You Can Only Get from Schick

Blades Crafted & Honed in America

That’s right, we sharpen our blades* right here in the US –Milford, Connecticut to be exact.

A Century of Experience

We’ve been a trusted force in the shaving business for more than 100 years now and have patented more than 500 innovations. 

A Better Shave for a Better Tomorrow

We’re committed to caring for our planet by using sustainable materials, reducing plastic waste and removing potentially harmful ingredients.   

Advanced Skin Comfort, Any Way You Shave

The next generation of men’s grooming is here. Whether you shave daily, rock a beard, or sport a style in between, Schick Hydro Skin Comfort™ delivers a comfortable shave that protects your skin without compromising on closeness.

When It Comes To Shaving, Give Yourself the Edge  

We’ve got experience that matters. With over 50 years of shave gel expertise, it’s no surprise that Edge is the #1 Selling Shave Gel Brand in the US**. 

Xtreme Closeness. Xtreme Comfort.  

Our innovative line of Xtreme razors uniquely adapt and flex to all your contours, perfect for your face, head or anywhere you shave. 

Sharpen Your Style

Nothing beats a classic. Since 1898, Wilkinson Sword has been offering a traditional barbershop shave right at home, with triple-coated stainless steel blades for closeness and comfort.

A Great Shave at a Great Value

Quattro® Titanium offers a clean, smooth shave that’s easy on your skin…and your wallet.

*Hydro & Xtreme3 and Xtreme5
**Based on data reported by IRI for Total Shaving Gel category for the 52-week period ending 08/09/2020 in US Brick & Mortar Multi-Outlet.