Schick® Ultra Pivot Body Trimmer


It’s all within reach.

This is not your ordinary body groomer. Our Ultra Pivot electric trimmer bends so you don’t have to. In fact, it flexes, pivots, and locks into 5 different positions, so you can get the right angle to safely and comfortably trim anywhere—without needing to be a contortionist. It’s specifically designed to be safely used as a pubic hair trimmer and on your most delicate areas. Plus, this rechargeable cordless trimmer has a built-in adjustable comb, so you can choose the trim length and style you want, without fumbling around with extra attachments.

Flexes & Pivots

Unique pivoting trimmer head locks into 5 different positions (with up to 95 degrees of adjustability) giving you the perfect angle to trim any part of your body.

Trim Without Worry

Blade safety guard protects skin from nicks & cuts giving you the freedom to comfortably and confidently groom your pubic area and anywhere you have sensitive skin.

Style Meets Convenience

Specially designed for easy rinsing with a built-in adjustable comb that lets you choose from 3 different trim lengths without the need for extra attachments

Expert Control

Waterproof body shaver can be used in and out of the shower and features a built-in LED light and rubber no-slip grip, so you can safely and easily navigate your pubic region and other hard-to-reach places.


Portable body hair trimmer includes a USB charger and a travel pouch.

We let men try out our new Ultra Pivot and here’s what they thought:

  • 100% found it comfortable to shave and trim with*
  • 97% said it didn’t irritate their skin and let them easily get at those hard-to-reach places*
  • 92% agreed it was easy to shave their groin and kept them safe from nicks and cuts**

Now it’s your turn. Try it for yourself and let us know what you think.

“When you get to those hard-to-reach areas, you really need something that's nimble because you kind of got to get down there and get to business.”

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