Hydro® 4-in-1 Groomer


All looks welcome.

Whether you’ve got a beard, goatee, soul patch, mutton chops, or something in between, you need the right tool to get the look you’re after. Our 4-in-1 Groomer has a built-in adjustable power trimmer and a 5-blade razor to help you style and maintain anything you grow.

Includes 1 groomer + 1 cartridge + 1 battery

All in One Tool

Shaves, protects, trims & edges, so you can style and maintain whatever beard or facial hair style you grow.

Trims and Shaves

A built-in power trimmer and comb lets you choose from 3 beard lengths, while a 5-blade razor allows for a close shave in areas you want clean shaven.

Smooth and Comfortable

7 gel pools enriched with aloe and Pro-Vitamin B5 soothe & hydrate skin for maximum comfort.


With no extra attachments or wires to get in the way, this waterproof razor is ideal for both in-home use and travel.

“It’s kind of a rebellion for me. I love having no one tell me that I can’t have facial hair.”

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