Hydro Silk® Dermaplaning Wand Refills

3 ct.


Keep a Fresh Edge to Reveal Your Smooth, Glowing Skin

The secret to smoother, radiant skin? Maintaining expert-level care at home with our dermatologist-approved dermaplaning tool. These refills allow you to keep a fresh edge on your dermaplaning wand and the easy-to-use dispensing tray helps you safely attach and detach exfoliating blades.

Learn more about dermaplaning and discover the benefits of adding dermaplaning to your beauty routine.

7 skin benefits to get your glow on

Radiant skin • Improves skin texture • Smooths • Removes fine hairs • Softens • Helps absorption of lotions and serums • Smooth make-up application

Dermatologist Approved

This premium, professional-style dermaplane razor gently exfoliates and removes fine facial hairs.

Easy to use—even for beginners

Our dermaplaning wand is ergonomically designed with a weighted metal handle and non-slip silicone grip for precise control. Plus, its unique micro-guards protect your delicate facial skin and help prevent irritation.

Make Dermaplaning Part of Your Skincare Regimen

Dermaplane every 2 to 4 weeks to remove peach fuzz and exfoliate dead skin cells to reveal smooth, glowing skin. We recommend to use a fresh edge every time you dermaplane.

Safety Dispensing Tray

Safely attach and detach the exfoliating edge refill with the included dispensing tray.

Includes 3 refills

These 3 exfoliating edge refills can be used with our Dermaplaning Wand.

How to Dermaplane

Step 1

Prep your skin: start with a clean, dry face.*

Step 2

Hold dermaplaning wand at a 45-degree angle.

Step 3

Glide downward on skin using short, feathery strokes while using your free hand to hold skin taut.

Common myths about dermaplaning

Myth: Your hair grows back thicker and darker when you dermaplane.
Fact: Absolutely false! Dermaplaning cannot change the structure of your hair follicles.

Myth: Dermaplaning is harmful or painful for your skin.
Fact: The answer is no! The dermaplaning wand gently glides across your skin and our exfoliating edges are designed with micro guards to protect your skin while you dermaplane. It’s very effective at removing peach fuzz and dead skin cells, which helps reveal glowing skin.

Myth: Dermaplaning causes acne.
Fact: This is not true! Dermaplaning is great for exfoliating and improving your skin’s texture. Just remember to replace your exfoliating edge after each use.