Hydro Silk® Sugar Wax Wand


Your magic wand for quick, easy touch-ups.

Your brows are gonna wow. Experience expert-level care and long-lasting* professional quality results at home with our Sugar Wax Wand for face and brows. This warm sugar wax is water rinseable and glides on easily with a precision tip that allows for accurate application to small spaces on your face, like your sideburns, upper lip, and eyebrows. This vegan formula with calendula oil warms in hot water in minutes, which makes it quick and easy to undo mistakes. Our hair removal wax is also dermatologist tested and designed specially for sensitive skin.

Sugar wax is a kind of depilatory wax used for hair removal. The Schick® Sugar Wax Wand is great for use as an eyebrow wax, upper lip wax and more.

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Perfect for Face and Brows

Glides on easily with a precision tip for ultimate accuracy.

Long-lasting* Results

Get expert-level care at home and enjoy silky-smooth skin with long-lasting* professional-quality results for up to 4 weeks.

Easy to Use

Tube warms in hot water in minutes for easy prep and sugar wax is water rinseable, which makes it easy to undo mistakes.

Dermatologist Tested

Gentle on sensitive skin and perfect for use as an eyebrow wax, upper lip wax and more.

Made with Care

Vegan and formulated with calendula oil and 99% natural origin** ingredients.

Reusable Strips

Wax rinses off with water for easy reuse.

The Final Touch

Post-Wax Soothing Serum Sachets leaves skin feeling soft and soothed.


0.7 oz. Sugar Wax Wand + 1 Precision Stick + 20 Reusable Strips + 4 Post-Wax Soothing Serum Sachets.

Here’s how it works:

Prep it.

Make sure your skin is dry and clean.

Warm it.

Place the tube in a glass of hot water (with cap on) for 2 minutes. Ensure wax is a consistency similar to honey. Do not microwave.

Spread it.

Spread thin layer of wax (hair should visible through the wax) in same direction as hair growth.

Press it.

Place strip onto wax and gently press down in direction of hair growth.

Remove it.

With skin taut, quickly pull off strip in opposite direction of hair growth.

Rinse it.

Rinse skin with warm water and dry. Use serum to help soothe and calm skin after waxing.

Love it!

Enjoy silky smooth results for up to 4 weeks.

Answers to your top waxing questions:

How long should hair be to wax?
The ideal length is 2 to 5 mm long (about as long as a grain of rice). Also, if hair is very dense or long, trim it before waxing.

Are the strips for waxing reusable?
Yes! Wax strips can be used 3-4 times within a waxing session, but they can also be washed and re-used for future sessions. After you finish waxing, rinse the wax off the strips with warm water and air dry. They’ll be as good as new for your next session.