Hydro Silk® Perfect Finish


Precisely Styles and Trims Your Unique Zones

Remove hair from head to toe at a moment’s notice with the Perfect Finish trimmer. Our women’s grooming kit includes a variety of specially sized trimmers and combs designed to shape your eyebrows, face, and bikini area.

The one groomer you need

This multifunctional trimmer includes one handle, five attachments, a cleaning brush, touch-up razor and a beauty bag to meet all your grooming needs.

Stay in control

Your perfect look is just waiting to be revealed with our multi-zone face and body trimmer—uniquely designed to trim and shape from head to toe.

Precisely shape & trim eyebrows

The dual-sided trimmer is ideal for precise shaping, and the brow comb ensures that hair is cut to the perfect length.

Bye bye facial hair

Gently and quickly smooth away unwanted hair from your upper lip, chin, and face with our facial trimmer.

Stay bikini ready

The bikini trimmer and comb attachments allow you to expertly style your bikini area in or out of the shower.

Anytime, anywhere

This battery powered trimmer is cordless and waterproof, so it’s perfect for daily use, touch-ups, and travel.

Choose your trimmer

Step 1

Choose 1 of the 3 trimmers.

Step 2

Attach by lining up arrows and turning counter clock-wise

Step 3

When needed, attach comb by placing over the trimmer head until it clicks into place.

Step 4

Press on/off button - no need to hold the button during use.

Get trimming!

Perfect your brows:

Use trimmer to shave and add comb to trim brow length. Move against the direction of hair growth.

Quickly smooth away facial hair:

Press trimmer flat against skin and move in circular motion.

Get bikini ready:

Attach comb to trim and move against hair growth. It adjusts to 4 lengths with the lowest notch being the shortest length. Remove comb to edge your bikini line and to smooth away hair.

AA/AAA Alkaline

WARNING: (1) Keep away from children. If swallowed, promptly see doctor; have doctor phone (202) 625-3333. (2) Do not install backwards, charge, put in fire or mix with used or other battery types - may explode or leak causing injury. Replace all batteries at the same time.