Hydro Silk® Pre-Dermaplaning Cleanser

5 oz.


The Perfect Start to Your Dermaplaning Routine

The foundation to a great dermaplaning routine starts with an effective face wash. Our Hydro Silk® Pre-Dermaplaning Cleanser is an unscented, gel-based formula that’s purposefully made for dermaplaning and daily use. Our dermatologist-tested facial cleanser is gentle and non-irritating, and provides thorough residue removal including makeup. Pair it with the Hydro Silk® Dermaplaning Wand and the Hydro Silk® Post-Dermaplaning Moisturizer to complete the ultimate dermaplaning skincare treatment.

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A great first step

Starts off your dermaplaning routine by cleansing and preparing your skin.

Dermatologist tested

Gentle, non-irritating, unscented, gel-based formula suitable for daily use.

A fresh start

Effectively cleanses skin and removes residue and makeup.

Complete your routine

Pair with the Hydro Silk® Dermaplaning Wand and the Hydro® Silk Post-Dermaplaning Moisturizer.