Hydro Silk® Ultimate Pubic Skin Protection Razor

1 handle + 3 ct.


Designed to prevent pubic irritation & ingrown hairs

Get expert-level care at home with our pubic razor, designed to prevent pubic irritation and ingrown hairs. It offers 3 skin protection blades with unique skin guards plus a slim pivoting cartridge that flexes around your curves to reach tricky areas. Formulated with aloe, our hypoallergenic ultra-glide serum provides advanced lubricating protection.

Protection from irritation

Designed with 3 skin-protection blades that have unique skin guards designed to prevent razor bumps and ingrown hairs, ensuring a smooth and comfortable close shave.

Ultra-Glide serum for advanced hydration

Give your skin the comfort it needs with ultra-glide serum + aloe for advanced lubricating protection.

Slim cartridge ideal for pubic area

Easy to use and designed with a slim, pivoting cartridge, it flexes around your curves to get those hard-to-reach areas for pubic hair removal.

Dermatologist tested

A hypoallergenic formula that’s dermatologist and gynecologist tested.

Get expert-level precision and control

The curved, textured handle is designed for secure grip. Get expert-level care at home with this pubic hair razor for a close shave with smooth results.

Includes 3 refills

Includes 1 razor handle and 3 refills. Razor handle fits any Hydro Silk refills. Pairs perfectly with Schick Hydro Silk Shave Cream & 24-Hour Moisturizer.

How to shave your bikini area

Step 1: Prep

Wet area to be shaved for several minutes to soften skin and hair. Use a wet washcloth, loofa or gentle scrub to exfoliate skin and help prevent ingrown hairs.

Step 2: Trim

Use an electric trimmer (like Hydro Silk Trimstyle Razor) to trim hair to a short length.

Step 3: Shave

Rinse razor, wet skin and apply shave cream (like Hydro Silk Pubic Shave Cream + 24-Hour Moisturizer) to bikini area. Hold skin taught with free hand and shave with smooth, even strokes in the direction of hair growth to reduce irritation and only go over each area once.

Step 4: Post

Use Hydro Silk Pubic Shave Cream + 24-Hour Moisturizer after shaving to moisturize and wear loose-fitting cotton underwear to allow skin to breathe and help reduce irritation.