Hydro® Ultra Sensitive Razor


Avoid the bumps.

Nobody likes razor bumps and ingrown hairs. That’s why we designed a 3-blade sensitive skin razor that prevents them, protects sensitive skin from irritation, and provides a close, comfortable shave—even on coarse and curly hair. Our Ultra Sensitive Razor also has a slimmer head to make it easier to shave tricky places like your neck, sideburns, and under your nose.

Previously known as Schick® Hydro® Slim Head Sensitive Razor.

Includes 1 handle + 4 cartridges.

Say No To Bumps

The Schick Hydro Ultra Sensitive Razor is specifically designed to prevent razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

Protection You Can Feel

Designed with comfort coating for an easy glide and close shave, with Skin Guards on every blade that protect against irritation.

Maximum Comfort

Dermatologist-tested, our 3 blade razors for men have 7 Cushioning Gel Pools, enriched with Aloe and Pro-Vitamin B5, that hydrate and soothe skin for maximum comfort while you shave.

A Great Value

Enjoy a close, comfortable shave in this affordable, wallet-friendly value pack* format.

Long-Lasting Blades

Utilizing our most durable blades for a close, long-lasting shave, these 4 cartridges will get you up to 72 shaves per pack**.

Be In Control

This shaving razor has a Slim Head cartridge design that makes it easy to shave those tight and hard-to-reach places, while its ergonomic, no-slip handle provides exceptional control while you shave.

“I’m very skin sensitive. If I shave the wrong way or put on the wrong product, forget it.”

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