Hydro® Ultra Sensitive Refill


Avoid the bumps.

Nobody likes razor bumps and ingrown hairs. That’s why we designed 3-blade sensitive skin razor blades that prevent them, protect sensitive skin from irritation, and provide a close, comfortable shave—even on coarse and curly hair. Our Ultra Sensitive Razor Refills also have a slimmer head to make it easier to shave tricky places like your neck, sideburns, and under your nose.

Previously known as Schick® Hydro® Slim Head Sensitive Razor Refills.

Includes 5 cartridges.

Say No To Bumps

The Schick Hydro Ultra Sensitive Razor Refills are specifically designed to prevent razor bumps & ingrown hairs.

Protection You Can Feel

Designed with comfort coating for an easy glide and close shave, with Skin Guards on every blade that protect against irritation.

Maximum Comfort

Dermatologist-tested, these razor blades for men have 7 Cushioning Gel Pools, enriched with Aloe and Pro-Vitamin B5, that hydrate and soothe skin for maximum comfort while you shave.

A Great Value

Enjoy a close, comfortable shave in this affordable, wallet-friendly value pack* format.

Long-Lasting Blades

Utilizing our most durable blades for a close, long-lasting shave, these 5 cartridges will get you up to 90 shaves per pack**.

Be In Control

This 5 blade razor has a Slim Head cartridge design that makes it easy to shave those tight and hard-to-reach places, like in the area directly under your nose.

“I’m very skin sensitive. If I shave the wrong way or put on the wrong product, forget it.”

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