Quattro For Women® Refills

6 ct.


Go Ahead and Skip a Day or Two

This razor system features 4 ultra-thin blades on a pivoting head that follows every curve and contour. No hair can hide, so you get an ultra-smooth shave that lasts for days.

Sharpen up your routine

4 ultra-thin blades give you a smooth, long-lasting shave so you can skip a day or two.

A shave your skin will love

C’mon now, you deserve it. Our special conditioning strip, formulated with aloe and Vitamin E, delivers a comfortable shave.

Curve-following design

The specially designed, 4-blade pivoting head glides smoothly as it hugs every curve and contour.

Includes 6 refills

The easy-to-replace ultra-thin blades are designed to give you an ultra-smooth shave that lasts for days.