Schick® Intuition® First Time Shavers Gift Pack


Lathers and Shaves in One Easy Step

Shaving is a major milestone in a young girl’s life, but it can be a bit unnerving. With a built-in moisturizing bar that lathers and shaves in just one step plus a pivoting head to minimize nicks and cuts, Intuition® is an ideal razor for first time shavers. And with four refills in different fragrances, shaving couldn’t get any easier!

Safe & easy

Perfect for first-time shavers, with a pivoting head to help minimize nicks and cuts.

Shaving’s easier than ever

You can’t beat the convenience of a razor that lathers and shaves in one easy step with no need for shave gel.

Treat your skin right

C’mon now, you deserve it. Made with natural ingredients, the Intuition® moisturizing bar conditions skin while you shave.

Mix it up!

Each kit includes four (4) refill cartridges: Sensitive Care®, Pure Nourishment®, Lemon Berry Breeze™, and Advanced Moisture.

Includes 4 refills

The easy-to-replace 4-blade cartridges are designed to make first-time shaving as easy as can be.