Wilkinson Sword Double Edge Refill


A Traditional Barbershop Shave

Wilkinson Sword Classic Double Edge blades are triple coated and provide an incredibly close and comfortable shave in the comfort of your own home. These stainless steel blades provide a close, comfortable shave with a vintage-inspired look.

Size: 20 ct. (4 packs of 5 blades)

Close, Comfortable Shave

Triple-coated, stainless steel Double Edge blades provide exceptional closeness.

To Load Razor:

Step 1

Twist the bottom of the handle to open the doors fully.

Step 2

Carefully unwrap paper from the blade and remove the blade from the paper by holding the short straight sides.

Step 3

Load the blade onto the handle.

Step 4

Twist the bottom of the handle to completely close the doors.

Step 5

For safety, store used blades in back of dispenser.

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