Wilkinson Sword Quad Blade Refill


A Modern Take on a Traditional Barber Shop Shave

Our quad blade safety razors for men combine the traditional barber shop shave with modern technology. The revolutionary quad blades deliver a vintage shave experience with superior safety & comfort, right in your own home.

Size: 15 ct. (3 packs of 5 blades)

A safer, more comfortable shave*

Double-coated, stainless steel quad blades provide exceptional closeness and comfort.

Step 1

Firmly grip the short sides of the razor head and turn the handle counter-clockwise until the top cover is separated from the razor.

Step 2

To open the blade dispenser, push the tab in the direction of the arrow then lift the lid. Carefully grasp blade by the short sides and lift straight up out of the dispenser.

Step 3

Hold the Razor vertically and place the blade onto the razor head by guiding the raised features into the center space of the blade.

Step 4

Hold the razor vertically and insert the top cover by guiding the post through the center hole in the handle.

Step 5

To close the razor, firmly grip the sides of the razor head and turn the handle clockwise until the top cover is tight.