Xtreme 3 ReloadTM Disposable Razor


Pack light.

The Xtreme 3 Reload is made to fit your lifestyle and your travel bag. It’s a portable disposable with a reloadable handle and five 3-blade cartridges that can all be thrown out when you’re done.

Includes 1 razor handle + 5 cartridges

Convenient & Portable

Each kit includes one reusable handle and 5 three-blade cartridges.

Curves and Contours

3 blades flex and pivot to the contours of your face for a custom shave most razors can't handle.

Extra Protection

A lubricating strip helps to protect against nicks and irritation.

Stay in Control

Ergonomic, no-slip handle.

“I can’t go more than a week without shaving. Like even a little bit is too much.”

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