Xtreme® DuoComfort Disposable Razor


Seek comfort.

Sometimes it’s okay to stay in your comfort zone. Our 3-bade DuoComfort razor helps shield you from irritation and adapts to the unique curves and contours of your face for a customized and comfortable shave.

Includes 8 razors (2 packs of 4)

Double the Comfort

The combination of Aloe and Vitamin E helps protect skin against irritation.

Long-Lasting Blades

Each razor lasts up to 11 shaves, for 44 total shaves per pack.

Curves and Contours

3 blades flex and pivot to comfortably shave the unique contours of your face.


A handle made with 61% recycled plastic that’s also recyclable itself. Learn More.

Easy to Rinse

Designed to make cleaning in between blades fast and simple.

“I like to give off a friendly vibe, like someone can start a conversation with me and feel comfortable.”

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