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Xtreme3 Disposable updated handle.

Xtreme3® Disposable Razors

Updated handle for more shave control

The Xtreme Sensitive and Duo Comfort (previously Refresh) Disposables are fitted with 3 flexible blades that adapt to any contours, including your head! Now featuring a heavy-weight handle and non-slip grip for more control**, plus a comfort strip with Vitamin E.

Xtreme4® Disposable Razors

4 longer-lasting blades*

The Xtreme4® Disposable Razor is designed with an ergonomic, heavy-weight handle for more control, plus titanium-coated blades make for a close, comfortable shave. It also has an extra edging blade that gives you the flexibility to adapt to the unique contours of your face as well as tricky spots.

Xtreme 4 disposable razor with titanium coated blades and edging blade.
Xtreme 2 Sensitive disposable razors with comfort strip with Vitamin E.

Xtreme2 Sensitive™ Disposable Razor

Close precision even in difficult areas

The 2-blade Xtreme2 Sensitive™ Disposable Razor has a narrow head and comfort strip with Vitamin E, helping you get close in places like under your nose. Its push clean button also helps keep blades from clogging.

Xtreme Pivot Ball

Pivot Ball for Xtreme Closeness & Comfort™

Xtreme 3® Pivot Ball™ and Xtreme 5 Pivot Ball™ technology moves up & down and side to side – responding perfectly to your unique contours for Xtreme closeness & comfort™. Available as a Disposable or Refillable Razor.

Xtreme 5 moves side to side and up & down. X3 Pivot Ball has bendable blades for closeness & comfort.
5.0 out of 5 stars


The blades are farther apart so they don't get hair clogged in them. The bend is great for shaving your head so you don't go over the same spot a hundred times.

- DeBeav

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* vs ST2
** Compared to the previous Xtreme3® version.
*** Compared to other Xtreme3® products.