Xtreme® 3 Pivot Ball Disposable Razor


Hug the curves.

No two faces are exactly alike. That’s why we created a razor that offers a more custom, personalized shave. Our Xtreme® Pivot Ball blades flex and adapt to every curve and contour on your face for added closeness and comfort.

Includes 6 razors (2 packs of 3)

Long-Lasting Blades

Each razor lasts up to 11 shaves, for 33 total shaves per pack.

Flexes & Adapts

Pivoting technology with 3 flexible blades adjusts to the curves of your face.

Stay in Control

Heavy duty, ergonomic, no-slip handle.


A handle made with 50% recycled plastic that’s also recyclable itself

"Improvise, adapt and overcome is always the motto. Just be prepared for change.”

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