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Schick Hydro’s New Campaign: The Man I Am.

October 25, 2018

We are proud to announce the launch of our newest campaign: The Man I Am™. The work aims to make a positive contribution to a much-discussed topic of 2018: masculinity.

As society evolves, so too must the role of men, and masculinity itself. The archetypes? Gone. The roadmap? Transforming. The time is right to launch a campaign that seeks to redefine masculinity as we know it.

“Being a man” is a spectrum not a binary, so wherever men see themselves on that spectrum, we’re there for them.

We’re committed to grooming them, to inspiring them, to educating them, to listening. We’ll relentlessly celebrate the men they are with work that praises their individuality, instead of telling them who to be.

This campaign is an ever-growing opportunity for our brand to share its point of view, while letting us stick to what we  know best: grooming that adapts to every man to fuel self-expression.

This is the new Schick Hydro. And this is our message: It takes a man to be yourself, and it takes the right razor to express it.

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